The Official Baby Watcher (The O.B.W.) 








Above: The Doll/Wallhangings come in 4-assorted face and hair color combinations making them multicultural so that they can be shared with children of all nationalities. And since they are non-gender specific, it makes them an equally suitable, caring gift for baby boys and girls. They make the ultimate Baby Shower Gifts.   Go to see Product Package

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These whimsical, precious dolls are an extension of the character's Story. They make the 'Perfect Gift' from doting Parents, Grand Parents, Aunts, Uncles, and Friends of babies and small children because they are an extension of the giver's love, caring and respect for children, in general. The dolls will be an extension of their love and caring for the child - making it the ultimate Gift from the Heart.

Collectible: They are wonderful, caring gifts to be passed on through generations, to become lovable, collectible keepsakes. Customers will want to COLLECT THEM ALL!

The idea is that when the child is not playing with the doll it gets hung up on the wall where it serves as a decorative wall-hanging as it performs its "fanciful" official duty of being a Baby Watcher.

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