The Official Baby Watcher  

                             The idea behind the behind these soft plush, playable Dolls that double as decorative Wall-Hangings 
for the baby's room  - is that when the child is not playing with the doll it gets hung up on 
 the wall where it serves as a decorative wall-hanging, as it performs its "fanciful" 
           official duty that of being "The Baby Watcher". They make clever, caring gifts for babies.

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Above: Eco friendly packaging consist of  plain plastic bag and header card.



Above: Rear view of the dolls

Each doll has a cloth loop on the back for hanging on the wall.

Doll whole sale prices is $4.85 per unit. Suggested Retail price: $15.95.

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Above: The Doll/Decorative Wall-Hanging package includes: a 15 inches tall soft plush doll, weighs around 8 ounces,  2 inches in depth. 

A Story-Card telling how the character came to being.

A Personalization Placard to be filled in with baby's name and birth date. This serves to form a bond between the baby and his/her baby watcher.

NOTE: The above Doll/Wallhanging is available in 4-face and hair color combinations serving to make them multicultural making it the ultimate warm, caring Baby Gift, for babies of all nationalities: Go to see them.